My Healing Journey

A couple years ago, I was struggling with chronic nausea, dependency on anti-depressants & anti-anxiety meds, and feeling incredibly lost. I weaned off the meds and the withdrawals sent my body into an even worse state of dis-ease. (Of course most doctors just told me that it was all mental & I needed to get back on the meds.)

I became incredibly sick with an “undiagnosable” and “incurable” illness, and was forced to leave my job and pack up my life to be with family as I healed. I was throwing up from the second I woke up each morning, going to the hospital every other day to make it stop. The only thing that seemed to help was cannabis, but just enough to keep me surviving. Desperate for answers, I went to doctor after doctor. And then one suggested something that none of the others had... Change up your diet.

At this point I was eating comfort foods like mashed potatoes, fried food, dairy products, if anything at all. "Any calories are better than no calories, right?" …Wrong. With this new doctor, I switched to a diet that consisted solely of cooked vegetables and "lean proteins" to give my stomach a break from dairy, gluten, sugars, and other foods that would be difficult to digest. After just 4 days on cooked veggies supplemented with a bit of chicken and some lentils, some herbal supplements, and the removal of my IUD, I stopped throwing up.

Within a couple months, as I continued to research and learn about how food affects the human body, I transitioned to a high-raw whole food plant-based diet. I cut out: meat, dairy, gluten, processed sugars, and soy. I continued to feel better and better on a high-raw diet, but my truest healing and growth began months later, when I transitioned to a 100% raw fruit-based lifestyle!

Going vegan undoubtedly changed my life, but going raw has shown me how beautiful the human experience can really be. The power of fruit is simply unparalleled. As humans, we are made to thrive off of raw, living plants! There is no other food on Earth that falls into human hands at the precise moment it’s meant to be eaten by us. There is no other food on Earth that heals our bodies so profoundly and effortlessly.

A year ago, food was scary. Now, food is my medicine. I am still healing, learning, and growing, but I have re-established my relationship with food and now my body is filled with nourishment instead of fear with every bite. I am beyond grateful that my “illness” led me to be on this path, thriving on fruit and learning more about life every day because of it. Living takes on a whole new meaning when you begin clearing the obstructions in your body and connecting with your food on such an electric level.